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Travel in Israël, Part 1
Travel through Israël, Part 1
(1 hour)
Travel in Israël, Part 2
Travel through Israël, Part 2
(51 min.)
Israël Aqueduct
(2:38 min.)
Montain of Abyss
Abyss Mountain
Lucas 4:29-30 (2:10 min.)
Baptism in Jordan
Israël Baptism in Jordan
Qaser El-Yahud (1 min.)
Who can be baptized? Sermon Wilfred
(16:11 min.)
Israel Bethlehem
Birthplace of Jesus (1:36 min.)
Israel Bethsaida
(1 min.)
Israel BethShean
, Manasse and king Saul(4:51 min.)
Israël Capernaum
Synagogue and House of Mother-in-Law of Petrus (2 min.)
Katzrin Aldeia e Casa judaica
Jewish Village and House (3:39 min.)
Mount Carmel, Cavern Elijah and Golan
Mount Carmel and Cavern Elijah and Gola height
(3:39 min.)
Tel Megiddo or Armageddon
(Revelation 16:14-16) (52 sec.)
Tower of David and Davids town
Tower of David and Davids town
(3:39 min.)
Tomb of Jesus
Tomb of Jesus
(1 min.)
Wall of Lamentations
Jerusalem Wall of Lamentations
(9:16 min.)
Western Tunnel Walls
Jerusalem Western Wall tunnel
entrance Wall of Lamentations (3:29 min.)
Via Dolorosa
Jerusalem Via Dolorosa
Where Jesus carried His cross (1:41 min.)
Yad Vashema Holocaust museum
Jerusalem Yad Vashema Holocaust museum
(6:03 min.)